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    Accelerating the Growth of Natural Herbal Medicine to Solve the Healthcare Crisis


  • The Problem

    Mainstream Drugs Do Not Help Patients Recover From Disease


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    Although the US spends twice as much on healthcare as other high-income nations, the US remains the sickest first world country on earth. Compared to other developed countries, the US has the shortest life expectancy and highest infant mortality rate. Plagued with chronic degenerative diseases, the vast majority of American patients are treated with expensive drugs that only mask symptoms and are filled with side effects. These drugs have become the standard of care in countries all over the world. When patients do not recover from disease, they all end up in hospitals. Endless hospitalizations are bankrupting our healthcare systems and this has created a global healthcare crisis.


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    Many companies produce natural botanical medicines for acute and chronic disease. Herbal medicine treats the root cause of disease and the best botanical therapies reverse disease with sustained results and no side effects, plus they are significantly cheaper and faster to develop.

    In 2004 the FDA developed guidelines for botanical therapies to become approved botanical drugs in the US. Just like conventional drugs, botanical drugs are prescribed to patients to treat disease and have insurance coverage. Unfortunately patients never find out about these treatments because botanical companies are neglected and do not have equal access to resources for clinical trials.

  • Our Solution

    Enable Herbal Medicine to Flourish Globally

    In 2016 the FDA relaxed botanical drug approval guidelines to catch up with global standards, creating a huge opportunity for the worldwide expansion of botanical medicine. The global botanical medicine industry is an open and untapped $300 billion market.


    PhytaZenica ("fai-tuh-zeh-ni-kuh") is a healthcare tech company that provides digital products and services to accelerate the development and approval of natural herbal medicine. Our digital platform provides resources for botanical medicine clinical trials, drug approval and commercialization.


    Led by a team of world-class healthcare and technology experts, PhytaZenica is driving the expansion of herbal medicine to transform global healthcare. PhytaZenica is:

    • a best-in-class marketplace
    • a one-stop shop for the botanical industry

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    Our Business Model


    Our Tech Platform

  • The PhytaZenica Ecosystem

  • The Meaning of "PhytaZenica"


    The word “phyta” ("fai-tuh") is a suffix used in scientific names for plants. We are focused on driving the worldwide expansion of herbal medicine made from all-natural botanical ingredients.


    Originating from the Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian languages, the word “zenica” means the “pupil” of the eye. In some cultures, the eyes symbolize a message of prophesy, literally seeing “a vision of the future”. We are always keeping an eye on the future.


    PhytaZenica represents the future of botanical medicine. Together, we seek to:

    • Redefine disease therapy: botanical therapies that reverse acute and chronic diseases with sustained results and no side effects or contraindications
    • Redefine patient convenience: short-term treatments with long-term results; patients deserve to recover from disease without taking medications forever
    • Redefine mainstream healthcare: our mission is to transform global healthcare by launching botanical therapies that are superior in efficacy, safety, and cost compared to the current standard of care

    PhytaZenica makes socially responsible medicine to solve the healthcare crisis by providing better treatments for patients worldwide. Join us and spread the word. The healthcare revolution is here.



    Additional Information

  • Road Map

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  • Our Team

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    Jennifer Wong

    Founder & Chief Executive Officer


    Jennifer created the original vision for PhytaZenica and is leading the execution of our venture. She has over 10 years of experience in business strategy, market research, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales for the healthcare and biopharmaceutical drug industries. Jennifer has worked closely with top global biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as botanical companies in the US. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley.


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    Sam Nanayakkara

    Technology & Strategy


    Sam is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in digital technology leadership. He specializes in Web2 + Web3, analytics, marketing, operations and supply chain for the tech, finance, healthcare, aerospace, manufacturing, and insurance industries. Before the age of 30, Sam successfully started 6 finance and real estate companies and exited in 2008. He has held leadership roles at UTC Supply Chain, Numotion, AeroMed, PE-backed companies, and early-stage startups.


  • Our Advisers

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    Paul Shotton

    Finance Adviser


    Paul is a Wall Street veteran with 30 years of experience leading trading operations at Barclays, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, UBS, and Goldman Sachs in London, New York and Zurich. He is the chairman of White Diamond Risk Advisory and provides advisory services to CEOs, boards and entrepreneurs. Paul is internationally recognized as a thought leader who has presented at global academic and regulatory forums. He holds a BA, MA and PhD in physics from the University of Oxford.
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    Kenneth Kayser

    Fintech Adviser


    Kenneth is a tech innovator with 20 years of experience in the finance and fintech industries. He specializes in product development, UX/UI design, commercialization, business development, and investment financing. Kenneth was the co-founder of several tech startups, including Envel Bank, CarScan, and Young Engineers, which are now part of his venture portfolio. He has held leadership roles at Barclays Africa (Absa Group), Nedbank, and Standard Bank.


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    Dr. Jean Wang

    Botanical Medicine & Regulatory Adviser


    Dr. Jean Wang has 30 years of experience in natural herbal medicine, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, IT, and data analytics. She led the research & development of medicine and life sciences at Takeda and Bayer, and worked in healthcare & life sciences solution design, data analytics and AI at IBM. She consulted botanical companies & academic institutions on clinical trial strategy for US FDA approval. Dr. Wang holds a PhD in Natural Product Chemistry & Pharmacognosy from University of Iowa.


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    Ashish Kumar Jain

    Marketing Adviser


    Ashish is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with over 13 years of experience in marketing, media, and business development. He has been active in the Web3 industry since 2018 and has worked with a dozen blockchain and fintech projects. Ashish led marketing initiatives for Web3 companies with a track record of success in delivering results. He has developed a deep and thorough understanding of advisory, fundraising, and community development for Web3 ventures.


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