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    Accelerating Approval of Botanical Medicine to Transform

    and Drive Explosive Growth in the Global Healthcare Industry

  • The Problem

    Traditional Drugs Do Not Help Patients Recover From Disease

    Although the US spends twice as much on healthcare than other high-income nations, the US remains the sickest first world country on earth. Compared to other developed countries, the US has the shortest life expectancy and highest infant mortality rate. Plagued with chronic degenerative diseases, the vast majority of American patients are treated with expensive drugs that only mask symptoms and are filled with side effects. These same drugs have become the standard of care in many countries all over the world. When patients do not recover from disease, most end up in hospitals sooner or later. Endless patient hospitalizations are bankrupting our healthcare systems.


    Many companies produce natural botanical therapies that are more effective, safer and cheaper than mainstream drugs. Botanical therapies treat the root cause of disease and the best botanicals can reverse acute and chronic diseases with sustained results and no side effects. In 2004 the FDA developed guidelines for botanical therapies to become approved botanical drugs. Just like conventional drugs, botanical drugs are prescribed to patients to treat disease and have insurance coverage. Unfortunately patients never find out about these treatments because botanical companies are neglected by centralized VC funds and do not have equal access to capital for clinical trials.

  • Our Solution

    Enable Botanical Medicine to Flourish Globally

    In December 2016 the FDA relaxed botanical drug approval guidelines to catch up with global standards, creating a huge opportunity for the worldwide expansion of botanical medicine. The US botanical drug industry is an open and untapped $153 billion market. PhytaZenica is a healthcare tech company that provides a global, decentralized digital fundraising platform and key resources to accelerate development and approval of botanical medicine. Our platform raises funding from millions of investors all over the world instantly for botanical clinical trials, approval and commercialization, as well as provide clinical trial design and supply chain validation for botanicals. Using blockchain technology and our digital currency phyta, our platform operates at record-breaking speeds with
    1 second transactions and provides high scalability at 10,000 transactions per second (TPS).

    We are driving the expansion of botanical medicine to transform global healthcare. PhytaZenica is:

    • a best-in-class marketplace for investors 
    • a one-stop shop for the botanical industry


      Our Business Model


      Our Tech Platform

    • The PhytaZenica Ecosystem

    • The Meaning of "PhytaZenica"

      The word “phyta” is a suffix used in scientific names for plants. We are focused on driving the worldwide expansion of botanical medicine made from all-natural botanical ingredients.


      Originating from the Slovenian, Serbian and Croatian languages, the word “zenica” means the “pupil” of the eye. In some cultures, the eyes symbolize a message of prophesy, literally seeing “a vision of the future”. We are always keeping an eye on the future.


      PhytaZenica represents the future of botanical medicine. Together, we seek to:

      • Redefine disease therapy: botanical therapies that reverse acute and chronic diseases with sustained results and no side effects or contraindications
      • Redefine patient convenience: short-term treatments with long-term results; patients deserve to recover from disease without taking medications forever
      • Redefine mainstream healthcare: our mission is to transform global healthcare by launching botanical therapies that are superior in efficacy, safety, and cost compared to the current standard of care

      PhytaZenica makes socially responsible medicine to solve the healthcare crisis by providing treatments for the people funded by the people. Join us and spread the word. The healthcare revolution is here.



      Additional Information

    • Road Map



    • Our Team

      Jennifer M. Wong

      Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

      Jennifer created the original vision for PhytaZenica and is leading the strategic and overall execution of our venture. She has over 10 years of experience in business strategy, market research, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales for the healthcare and biopharmaceutical industries. Jennifer has worked closely with top global biotech companies, as well as botanical companies in the US. Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley.


      Alex Huang, MS

      Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

      Alex is the founder and CEO of US botanical companies Quellthera and LiveLeaf. He is an entrepreneur with 35 years of experience in biotech, medical devices and tech. Alex created a model to transform active botanical compounds into targeted botanical drugs. His products have patent protection and have gone through human clinical trials with hundreds of patients all over the world. Alex holds a BS in mechanical engineering, a BS in electrical engineering, and an MS in product design from Stanford University.


      Andreas Holmes

      Chief Technology Officer & Investor


      Andreas is a tech entrepreneur and investor specializing in blockchain, cryptocurrency, web platform and software creation, and digital marketing. He is the founder of Dolla, a secure, fast and cost-effective cryptocurrency. Andreas is skilled in business creation, promotion, operations and expansion. Leading a team of world-class developers, Andreas is designing and building PhytaZenica's blockchain platform, which will operate at record-breaking speeds with 1 second transactions and provide high scalability at 10,000 TPS.


      PB Stanton, ESQ.

      Chief Legal Officer


      PB is a US-based attorney fluent in cryptocurrency, blockchain, securities and banking law compliance. He is a trusted ICO & STO adviser who leads or guides all phases from project ideation, tokenomics and whitepaper creation, to full ICO & STO launches. PB's law career began in the US Marine Corps as a JAG Officer stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. He spent 25+ years providing asset protection, estate planning & tax planning services to affluent individuals and families, prestigious institutions and other high-value clients.


    • Our Advisers

      Dr. Shaw Chen, MD/PhD

      Botanical Drug Expert

      • Worked at the FDA for over 25 years leading the approval of pharmaceutical drugs & botanical drugs
      • Original founder of the FDA botanical drug review team, led approval of all existing US botanical drugs
      • Approved latest revisions of botanical drug guidelines released Dec 2016
      • A pioneer in new drug development whose publications shaped modern drug approval guidelines
      • Can design regulatory and clinical trial strategies for botanical therapies
      • PhD from Johns Hopkins University, MD from University of Miami


      Jie Hou, MS

      Tech Expert

      • Lead programmer who guided the development of PhytaZenica’s original business model, tech strategy and road map
      • A blockchain enthusiast who is a well-rounded and experienced software engineer 
      • Served lead programming roles at Uber, Google, and Amazon, as well as an AI startup that builds self-driving cars 
      • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Tsinghua University and an MS in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan


      Scott Douglas

      Blockchain & Fintech Strategist

      • Founder & CEO of Crypto Improvement Fund, a blockchain ecosystem that helps start-ups strategically navigate all stages of growth
      • A seasoned business strategist with a passion for bleeding edge technologies, Scott has worked in the enterprise space consulting on complex IT, networking, telecommunication, and SaaS projects. 
      • Proficient in business development, sales, leadership, scaling and improving operational efficiencies in Fortune 500 / 1000 companies
      • An industry leader in knowledge pertaining to both emerging & legacy technologies, blockchain, and fintech


      Jolene Oxborrow

      Marketing Expert

      • Global Marketing Officer at Dolla, a next generation cryptocurrency that is secure, fast, and cost-effective
      • Experienced marketing expert specializing in digital marketing, social media and website design
      • Management in national investment services outbound calls and marketing department
      • Accredited in credit management as well as financial and investment services
      • Startup specialist with multiple success stories


      Bas Geelen, MS

      Strategy & Branding Consultant

      • Europe-based technology start-up and ICO & STO consultant with a focus on go-to-market strategies, white paper analysis, and strategic brand development
      • Experienced in conceptualization for distributed ledger technology application in a wide range of industries
      • Interested in organizational and production efficiency with the integration of blockchain and process automation
      • Master of Science in Strategic Consultancy with a thesis on the effects that major news events have on cryptocurrency prices


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